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"Some people dream of quality training, we make it happen."


​State Certified Training Academy, we provide our students the knowledge base to prepare the security officer to be a successful member of the security industry and to further the goal of providing quality security to the general public. We  look forward to providing the quality instruction and certification needed to further your career ...


We worked with industry professionals to develop an expansive offering of security industry related classes customized to meet the needs of the security officers for State certification and the security companies providing their clients security services.  We also provide contract specific training for the federal security industry. Our courses are ...


We work with a variety of companies in the security industry to provide customized training specifically required by their clients. We also work with companies who retain security services in-house by providing their personnel the training need to perform the  services professionally. Our niche is helping small and medium sized businesses  discover  ...


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"The sky is the limit"

Sec-Ops Training Academy   

5729 Leopard Street Bldg. 8

Corpus Christi, Texas 78408

Phone # 361-299-6770

Fax# 361-299-6769

“Our classroom features support a quality training experience. From our 8' interactive smart board and comfortable seating to our defensive tatics lab.  Students will excell better in a proper learning environment .”

Our goal is to provide effective solutions designed to educate your security personnel, in order to meet the security mission of your organization. Our curriculum developers and instructors design/deliver solutions tailored specifically to the needs of the security industry in order to ensure  security officers achieve success in their mission.

We succeed by providing credible, meaningful, consistent, and affordable education/training that will result in a more qualified security force member.

Check out our custom solutions and services. 

Robert Lott, President


Texas License # F01205,Y00201/2

Level III Training School

CE Security School

CE Electronic Access School

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​​​​​​​​Call for Class dates: 361-299-6770